November 22, 2020

60+ Amazing Godly Good Night Quotes (2020)

November 22, 2020 by Quote Memes

Godly Good Night Quotes

When I receive a lovely goodnight prayers text messages, I feel safe and secure in the hand of God. I have composed these Godly good night quotes for that special person that make your life beautiful every day.

He/she may be far away from you this night, but a prayer reaches every part of the earth and beyond. Have a blessed night too.Table of Contentsshow

Godly Good Night Quotes 

• Goodnight angel, may the Lord make it a blessed night for you, see your lovely eyes again tomorrow morning, sleep tight.

• Praying that the night be a wonderful night for you, keeping you safe in God mighty hand, goodnight.

• I pray that tonight would be a peaceful and quiet night for you, sleep well goodnight baby.

• May the night refresh your body and soul, may your soul be restored tomorrow morning, I will be waiting to hug you, goodnight.

• You are special to my heart, I can’t forget to say my good night prayers for you, keeping you in the beautiful hand of God, may send his angel to guard you as you sleep peacefully, have a blessed night.

• Everything that you asked for shall be given to you by God, never give up in asking God for the good of this world and hereafter, as you lay down to sleep now, I pray it to be a blessed night for you, good night.

• May your night be full of beautiful dreams, may the angels wrap you in their wings, feel safe, and you are guarded, goodnight.

• May your heart be filled with cheer when you wake up tomorrow morning, for tonight is going to be an amazing night for you, sleep well, God is by your side, goodnight.

• Don’t be afraid of the dark night, it is filled with joy and peace for you, praying that I see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning, goodnight.

• No matter what happens during the day, thank God that we made it through to the night. As you sleep tonight, I pray that the Lord bless your soul and refresh your body, goodnight.

• Because you are an amazing person, I pray for an amazing night for you as well, goodnight dearest.

• May the night be full of glory and honor for you, may the Lord continue to shine his light in your heart, wake up by morning time looking fresh and beautiful, goodnight my love.

• The night sky is filled with beauty and splendor, may the Lord fill your heart with the same too, goodnight.

• May the send you some beautiful host from heaven to warm your heart as you close your eyes to sleep, God knows what is good for you, may he provides it for you in abundance, good night.

• Accept God in your life before you sleep tonight, He is your guidance, protector, and provider; wish you a wonderful night.

• May the Lord’s blessing filled your night, shine on in your sleep, dream sweet dreams, goodnight.

• Thank God for the gift of another night, I pray that He would bless your heart and restore your soul tomorrow morning, goodnight my beauty.

• As the night comes upon us, I pray it brings peace and joy to your heart; sleep without fear, the Lord is your strength, safe night, see you tomorrow morning again, goodnight.

• O Lord Send an angel to guard us as we retire to bed this night, restore our soul and bless us with a beautiful day tomorrow.

• Lord! You have decree sleep for us this night, refresh our body and bring us back to life tomorrow morning goodnight.

• Lord! Keep us safe, and bless our night, raise us up again tomorrow morning with freshness and joy, goodnight.

• Lord, in you I put my trust, don’t take our soul in our sleep, bring our soul back to our body tomorrow morning, make us thankful for everything that you have done for us.

• Lord, I look upon you for a blessed night, my life is in your hand bless it for me, make this night I beautiful night for me and my loved ones, and bless our tomorrow too.

• God, keep us safe in your holy hand, cleans our heart of any stain, raise us up tomorrow morning like a newborn baby, and blessed is your Holy name.

• Lord, by the virtue of your beautiful names, we ask you for a beautiful night rest, guide our soul and bestow peace upon our heart, bring us back among the living tomorrow morning.

• Lord as we prepare to sleep now, prepare a beautiful place to rest our head, remove every sorrow in our heart, bring us a new day tomorrow full of joy and peace, Amen.

• Good night my dear, thy lord watches over you as you sleep tonight, be safe.

• You will dream sweet dreams as you are been protected from all evil by God Almighty. Good night

• The night seems so dark, but I can assure you of God’s protection, sleep well.

• Good night, you will sleep and wake up soundly, God is with you, never fear, anything, sleep tight

• Feel good and have a peaceful night, you are being protected all by Almighty God. Sweet dreams

• The night is beautiful and calm, I pray you to have the most peaceful and blessed nights. Good night.

• You are all that think of all through the day; I wish you were here by side now, may the send peace and tranquility to heart. Goodnight.

• Good night and God be with you as you sleep tonight, have a refreshing rest.

Trending Godly Good Night Quotes 

• The best wish goes to you tonight, as you sleep you tonight, may you wake in a brand new day tomorrow, looking fresh and beautiful.

• Good night and sweet dreams, you will sleep peacefully in the arms of your Lord so fear not, have a beautiful rest.

• May the Lord send his angels to guard you as you rest your head on your pillow to sleep tonight. Good night.

• The most amazing thing is to believe that you’re always been watched over by God, so sleep tight and dream sweet, good night.

• Good night, rest and have enough sleep you are protected by your Creator so fear not the unseen.

• I have prayed for you so don’t be scared of the night and its darkness, its nature’s gift of rest, and you are meant to enjoy every moment of the night so sleep peacefully like a baby, good night.

• Goodnight to my sleeping angel, you are so dear to me and I pray sound sleep for you. Good night.

• For so many reasons you deserve the most peaceful and amazing night, you are the most hardworking and intelligent person I have ever known, God’s reward you with a peaceful night, enjoy your sleep.

• Good night and have a wonderful rest, I pray you find happiness as you wake up tomorrow morning, good night

• Good night dearest, the angels are waiting by your bed to look after you this night, peace unto your night.

• Good night have that peaceful sleep you have been longing for, be sure to fasten your bed belt because the angels would shoot you the moon.

• I will pray for you so don’t worry about the night, it’s filled with God blessing for you, sleep peacefully, goodnight

• I wish you a beautiful night; sleep with a cheerful heart, good night.

• The best wish for you is sleeping like a newborn baby, sleep with peace of heart and fear not, God is always with you. Good night.

• I love to always pray for you because you believe in God and his promise to keep a watch on us as we sleep till morning. Good night.

• For the reason that we sleep carelessly without praying, God is always watching us from above, sound sleep, I pray for you. Good night.

• Good night my dearest friend, I pray for a beautiful night for you, see you again tomorrow morning by the grace of God.

• The night is calm and cool, wish you find peace at night and wake up great with a heart full of joy, good night.

• I am praying that tonight will be a wonderful night and a memorable one for you. Good night.

• You deserve every beautiful thing good in this word so find happiness and peace tonight. Good night and sweet dreams.

• Good night to you and have a night full of joy and rest of mind till morning because you deserve it and even more.

• Good night my Angel, you are not different from the guardian angel sent to watch over you, have a peaceful sleep.

• Good dreams to my special one, you are all I think of all through the day, so sleep peacefully like you never did before, God keeps you safe.

• The night sky is beautiful and calm; I can see you among the shining stars, wishing you God’s protection and care, as you lay your head to sleep tonight, Good night

• Good night my dear, I am praying for you over here so fear not as you are safe in God’s merciful hand.

• Goodnight to you and have a wonderful rest, I pray that I would I see you beautiful smile again tomorrow, I love you.

• Good dreams are reserved for people like you so go quickly to your bed and catch sweet sleep. Good night.

• Wonder how miserable the night would have been without God’s protection, I wish you have peace and sound sleep as the Lord watch over you tonight. Good night and sweet dreams.

• Happy to know that we are being protected by Allah as we journey into the night, it is by his grace that we wake up tomorrow morning, wish you Sweet dreams.

• Good night to you my dearest, don’t forget to pray and put your trust in God, sleep well. Wish you sweet dreams all through.

• The best sweet night for you my dear, have a wonderful night filled with peace and love.

• I love to always pray for you every night before I sleep, feel cool and sleep tight, may God almighty take care of all your worries. Good night.

• The feelings of believing in your Lord and trusting his promise to keep you safe from evils all through the night is enough to savage you, Good night.

• Good night, it is a beautiful time to rest your head from the busy world, find the most peaceful and relaxing hours of the nights, sleep soundly, God is with you, goodnight.

• The day has come to end, God created night for rest, so go get some rest that the body and soul need for a new day tomorrow, I place your soul in God’s hand, good night.

• Having a peaceful night is by the grace of God so I wish you all you ever dream of tonight. Good night.

• The best thing to do for you is to keep praying for your safety both day and night, sleep well you are covered with prayers.

• Have a wonderful night dear, be happy and smile to go bed you are in God’s safe hand.

• Sleep like you are in the womb of your of cause you in the envelope of your lord, fearless as the is for rest. Good night.

• Good night my dear friends, hoping you catch a peaceful sleep, see you as bright and beautiful tomorrow morning

• Wish you a good night my dearest, when you want to sleep don’t forget to ask for God’s guardians and his mercy, I pray for you too.

• Good to have you on your bed after a long busy hour of the day’s work, you should sleep and forget all your worries, and tonight will be a wonderful night for you.

• I wish you a perfect night rest, all I want is to see you happy and comfortable, so good night and God protect you.

• Good night to you dear, you are so beautiful and so deserve a lovely night, may the Lord restore your soul to see a new day tomorrow morning, I love you.

• Good night and I wish you a peaceful bedtime.

• Have a night full of peace and happiness, sleep well, it’s a raining day, have that rest you deserve. Good night.

• Happy to know that you are in bed now, sleep with the thought of me and I pray that you have an amazing night cutie.

• Sweet dreams my dearest, sleep with God in your mind, knowing that HE is your helper and will not let be in any trouble. Good night.

• Good night dear, a night like this, that has its full moon shining with so many stars is a good sign that the night is going to be peaceful for your heart, relaxed dear.

• I am wishing and praying for your joy and happiness all the days of your life, you shall have all reason to worship God, have a wonderful night. Good night.

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