November 3, 2020

Faculty of Education in noun

Faculty of Education

Dear (Prospective) student, welcome to the website for the Faculty of Education, National Open University of Nigeria. The Vice Chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria, the Dean, heads of departments and lecturers of the faculty of Education, all welcome your interest in studying at the National Open University faculty of Education. This faculty prepares professional teachers/leaders in teacher education, and researchers, through the use of distance-learning programmes. This website contains information on:

  • The Faculty of Education.
  • The Staff of the Faculty of Education.
  • The Programmes available under the Faculty of Education.
  • The Admission requirements for these programmes.
  • Contact information for enquiries directed to the Faculty of Education.

we hope this website will be able to answer most of your questions. Please feel free to browse the information contained within this website. Thank you for visiting our website.


The Vice Chancellor, Dean and Centre Directors welcome your interest in studying at the Faculty of Education, National Open University of Nigeria. The Faculty prepares professional teachers/leaders in teacher education and researchers through the distance-learning programme. The instructional methodology for distance learning is conducted through specially designed packaged materials including radio, television broadcast, CDROM and Internet complimented by face-to-face interaction. Network of study centres have been established to provide excellent and quality student oriented learning and support services. In due course, the National Open University students will access all library and information materials through the National VIrtual Library Project that will soon be fully launched. So there will be no barrier to becoming a skilled “teacher”.


The Faculty of Education of the National Open University of Nigeria is regarded as the foremost Faculty of Education in Nigeria providing highly accessible and enhanced quality education anchored by social justice, equity, and national cohesion through a comprehensive reach that transcends all barriers.


To provide qualitative, functional and cost effective programmes through the ODL modes in teacher education and allied disciplines.


Our commitment to the above mission shall be realised through the following:

  • Provision of wider access to professional training in the field of education generally in an open distance learning environment;
  • Provision of flexible   but   qualitative   programmes    in   teacher education and allied disciplines.
  • Enhancement of  professional   ethics   by  laying  emphasis  on  both  national  and international codes of conduct for education personnel;
  • Integration of information technology media in the provision of programmes in teacher education and allied disciplines.
  • Embarking on training and retraining of those in the field of education, with a view to enhancing their productivity;
  • Provision of opportunities for academic and professional growth of those in the education profession;
  • Provision of programmes that will produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient class-room teachers, educational managers and evaluators at all levels of educational systems;
  • Provision of opportunities for acquisition of professional training to the less privileged and those with special needs; and
  • Development of the spirit of enquiry, creativity and hard work in the students, teachers, educational administrators, evaluators and research workers.

The faculty of Education is mandated by the Senate of the National Open University of Nigeria  to:

  • Produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient personnel for all levels of educational systems;
  •  Encourage further the spirit of enquiry and creativity in educational personnel
  • Help educational personnel to fit into social life of the community and the society at large and enhance their commitment to national goals;
  • Provide educational personnel with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and make them adaptable to changing situations;
  • Enhance teachers’ commitment to the teaching profession;
  • Produce teachers in specialised areas for people with special needs;
  • Produce educators who have good understanding of the increasing complexity of technology; and
  • Provide serving teachers and educational administrators and research workers with the technical skills so as to expose Nigerian students to awareness by exploring usable options in the world of works.

Faculty NameEducationFaculty LocationLagosDeanProf. Osuji Uchenna Sydney AjunaDeputy DeanDr. Josiah in the FacultyArts and Social Education

Educational Foundations

Science Education

Human Kinetics and Health Education

Students’ HandbookEDUCATION Handbook updated June 28 2019.pdf

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