January 25, 2021

How to invest with Real Estate in Nigeria

5 simple ways to invest in real estate in Nigeria

I would be very practical with you, and I’ll share with you how I was able to invest in Real Estate with very little money.

The idea of investing with little or no money started in the United States, and I can guess you have read a couple of books on investing with “Little Down”. The honest truth is that Nigeria is very different from the United States and many other countries when it comes to Real Estate, and most of what they teach, although applicable over there, doesn’t work here.

Here’s why.

It is very easy for a country that practices capitalism to give loans to entrepreneurs and even the general public to do business with or finance properties with. There are also tax advantages for business owners granted by the government, trusted escrow services and the likes. However, for a country that practices a mixed economy like Nigeria, such things are almost impossible to come by. As far as Nigeria goes, Nigeria does not know if it wants to be a socialist or capitalist country.

It really doesn’t matter where you are or how much you have now, you can always begin right here, right now. Real estate is not an industry where you invest with little money, but if you are resourceful, you can always find the money to invest.

How I started investing in real estate with little money.

Knowing that I needed a lot of money and experience to invest, I had to learn, and I made money in the process. How did I do it?


  1. I started by picking a niche for myself. The niche I picked was Luxury Real Estate. Whether it was for investing or sales, it was what I wanted to be associated with. You could go with multi-family homes, apartment buildings, single-family residential homes, or even lands. Make sure you study your environment before selecting your niche.
  2. I searched for different houses that fit into my niche, and selected the best one I could find at the time. There are a lot of houses you’ll find that would fit into your niche, you just have to search very well and make your choice without any form of bias or sentiment.
  3. The next thing I did was that I met with the Realtor in charge of this home and told him I was interested in selling the home. After a short while, he agreed and told me how much I would be getting in commission if I was able to sell the house.
  4. Remember that “little money” I said I had? I threw it all into online marketing, sponsoring ads as low as $2 per day for 5 days. I made sure I selected just one house, and I poured all my resources into marketing that house. I was able to sell the house, and I repeated the process a few more times.
  5. With this, I was able to invest in real estate, using that “little money” I had, and converting it into something substantial.

This is the easiest and fastest way I believe you can go about it. There are other ways, like taking a mortgage or asking the bank to finance the building but those are usually very long processes, and most times, you may not have the requirements they ask for.

I hope I have been able to help you in the little way that I can.

Best regards,

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